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Corrugated is easy to identify. Corrugated board is made of paper, yes paper, and has an arched layer, called "fluting," between smooth sheets, called "liner." This arched layer provides corrugated with a very high strength-to-weight ratio.

 Corrugated Cardboard Boxes | Future Packaging

There are many types of corrugated available, each with different flute sizes and thicknesses, to suite all requirements and custom needs.

 File Storage Boxes | Future Packaging

Corrugated is an exceedingly durable, versatile, cost-effective and lightweight material used for custom-manufactured shipping containers, packaging and point-of-purchase displays, adding to everyday uses ranging from moving houses, children's toys to furniture.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes | Future Packaging

If you are looking for a high performance material design for packaging, then corrugated is the way to go. Corrugated is the preferred packaging material used worldwide by all.

Below are a couple of reasons on why corrugated is commonly used not only in manufacturing and as a delivery system but as well as in homes,

1. Corrugated is cost effective
2. Protective
3. Durable
4. Lightweight with a “high strength-to-weight ratio”
5. Corrugated has multiple uses (versatile)
6. Sustainable
7. In some instances, “appealing to the eye”
8. Customizable for individual or company requirements
9. Reusable
10. Environmentally Friendly


Ending off with an interesting fact!

Most consumers are unaware that the commonly used, day to day corrugated box is “high-tech”.

Ongoing research and development programs are endlessly working to improve such characteristics such as the strength of the box, printability (a big plus in the commercial aspect), ensuring moisture barriers and of course, recyclability. We love Eco Friendly!

 Corrugated Cardboard Boxes | Future Packaging

The bulk of corrugated products are designed and prototyped with innovative, computer-aided design and manufacturing systems, providing clients and individuals with the best and most cost-effective solutions to their packaging needs and requirements.

  Corrugated Cardboard Boxes | Future Packaging

Pictures added are only a few examples that we at Future Packaging offer, give us a call or visit our website for our full extensive range and current SPECIAL OFFERS.



Justifying the change from a Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine to a Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine:


Most customers hesitate when it comes to making the decision to purchase a fully automatic stretch wrapping machine due to extremely high cost against a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine. When comparing the end results they are very similar. So what are the benefits of an automatic stretch wrap machine against a semi-automatic stretch wrapping machine and how does one justify the high capital outlay.


Firstly the advantage of using an automatic stretch wrapping machine over semi-auto machines is speed and efficiency. The simplest way to determine if an automatic stretch wrapping machine is needed in your business is to look at the following points:


  • Full time forklift operators
  • Warehouse workers with idle time while pallets are being wrapped
  • Delayed outbound and inbound product shipments  due to warehouse inefficiencies
  • Out-dated stretch wrap machines with high film wastage
  • A dedicated warehouse worker having the job of running stretch wrap machines


The difference between Semi-Automatic Stretch and Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapper is:


Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine Operation:


  1. The pallet is placed on the turntable either by pallet jack or fork lift.
  2. The operator has to remove the pallet jack or forklift from the turntable and then tie the film to the pallet load.
  3. If the machine has a pallet height sensor the operator can push the start button and let the machine complete the wrapping cycle.
  4. On older stretch wrappers without a pallet height sensor the operator would have to manually adjust the carriage up and down while the turntable is rotating.
  5. Once the pallet is completely wrapped the operator  has to cut the film and attach it to the pallet.
  6. The operator then removes the load from the turntable with a pallet jack and forklift.
Semi-Auto Stretch Wrap Machine | Future Packaging


Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine Operation:


  1. The pallet is placed on the turntable via a forklift or driven automatically onto the machine by a chain or roller conveyer.
  2. The stretch wrapper starts automatically once the pallet load is centred onto the turntable via conveyor feed or the operator pushes a button on the wireless remote to start the machine.
  3. The stretch wrapper completes the wrapping cycle and drives the pallet load off onto an out feed conveyor or operator removes the load from the turntable with a forklift.


Automatic Stretch Wrap Machine | Future Packaging


The major benefits of an automatic stretch wrap machine are as follows:


  1. High pallet wrap output varying from 35 pallets an hour up to 120 pallets per hour depending on machine configuration.
  2. Major film cost saving depending on the pre-stretch ratio used on the machine which would save up to 50% on film usage during the wrapping cycle.
  3. Better utilization of operators or warehouse staff as they can prepare and prepack pallets while the automatic wrapper is completing its wrap cycle.
  4. Greater customer satisfaction as load stability and presentation improves dramatically.
  5. Less loss of product and damage during transit due to poorly wrapped pallets.


There is numerous other cost saving attributes which can be added to the above list on why you should look at making the leap from Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping to a Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Solutions.


Give us a call on 011 794 3310 or visit us on our official website – for your stretch wrapping needs.



Popular plastic products used in kitchen households around the world:

Food wrap films and dispensers:
Food wrap films are specifically used to seal food in containers to keep them fresh over a longer period of time. The common type of food film sold is a 380mm x 1200m x 10micron roll. This material is virgin grade LDPE stretch film. It’s clear and clings together once in contact. Used for a quick cost effective method for household, deli’s and catering environments.
For high use of this material one uses the food film dispenser, to assist in dispensing the film with fast wrapping by hand, using a quick heat cutter bar and a preparation table.
Plastic Virgin flat butcher bags and impulse heat sealers:
These packing bags are standard LDPE Virgin bags are manufactured in standard sizes in 25micron and 50micron thickness. They are packed in bundles of 250 and sold per 1000. These bags are used to help package to secure the product inside. The sealing of the bag keeps the product clean and from getting contaminated by airborne viruses and bacteria. A common name for these bags are butcher or sandwich bags sold in most supermarkets and wholesale stores.
Vacuum machines and Vacuum bags:
This is the most effective method to vacuum and seal bags containing food products. The vacuum machine removes air from the bag prior to sealing. It is the best method to extend shelf life of foods and reduce the volume of the content and package. Vacuum sealing can assist to store fresh foods, such as vegetables and meats in your freezer.
We sell the machinery and plain vacuum bags as stock items. The popular DZ-SERIES of vacuum packing machines are suitable for meat, cheese, fish or even medicine. The seals and stencil set are able to imprint expiry and manufacture dates. The vacuum machines are available as desktop models.
We hope this assists our clients to choose a method of plastic packaging to suite their household needs.
Should you require any further information please feel free to contact me, Peter Duxbury (National Plastics Manager) – 082 875 6322





We have carton taping machines that improve the efficiency of your taping operation and use less tape.


Manual method: 

Taped Corrugated Cardboard Box | Future Packaging

Open box from flat state.


Turn it upside down.


Put the tape on the bottom of the box in a random way.


Throw in the corner for use later, or place on work bench for filling.


Fill box.


Put tape on the top in a random way.


Result:  Use lots of tape and time



Machine method:Taped Corrugated Cardboard Box | Future Packaging

Open box from flat state.


Place on work bench for filling.


Fill box.


Push into taping machine. Top and bottom taped neatly at the same time.


Result: Use minimum amount of tape. Your box looks good with your pre-printed tape neatly applied.




 Box on typical taping machine:

Box On Taping Machine | Future Packaging


For any further information please feel free to contact us to speak to one of our machinery specialists. 



It is more than just Bubble Wrap.




The General Category is growing bigger by the day, with more and more exciting products on offer, Allowing us to offer a wider Range to our clients – adding convenience at Competitive Prices.


Our Aim is to supply all our clients with the most Value under one roof.


So From supplying you the Bubble Wrap to Protect your product – to supplying the Take away cups in your Coffee shop know that with a Range so Extensive you sure to find all you need in the Sections listed below.


The General Category is made up if 5 sub-categories


  1. 1.       Protective Packaging


-          Bubble Wrap and Related Products (Cushion Kraft and Bubble Bags)


-          Aerothene and Related Products (Branded Laminate Aerothene/Aerokraft, Aerothene Lug Liners, Combilay and Aerothene Profiles.)


-          Moving Blankets (all sizes)


-          Bitumized Tar Kraft


-          Paper Products (Mandini and Kraft Brown Paper, NEW: Dimple paper, Newsprint, Chipboard and Emtini Liner)


-          Edge Protectors


-          Void Fill (Shredded Paper, Wiggly Worms, Polystyrene Chips)


-          Polystyrene Sheets (Cut to Spec)


-          Truck Webbing




  1. 2.       Stationery Division


-          Office Machinery (Laminators, Binders, Shredders, Staplers and Guillotenes)


-          Full Range of Electronic Scales (Office/Warehouse)


-          Point of Sale: Thermal Till Rolls and Credit Card Rolls


-          Full Range of Office Consumables (Photocopy paper, files, pens, staples, rubberbands, markers and so much more)


-          Bubble Lined Envelopes (Jiffy Lites)


-          Document Protection Cores (Postal Tubes)


-          Full Range of Back to School Supplies


-          We are proudly associated with Parrot Products – offering the full Range of Whiteboards and Interactive Equipment)


-          Wide Range of Cutter Knives and Blades


-          Glue Guns and Glue Sticks


-          Full Range of Wire Ties and Wire Tying Tools


-          Business Supplies ( Business Cards and Marketing Flyers)


-          Custom Printed Continuous Paper, Letterheads and Supply Books




  1. 3.       Take Away Division


-          Branded or Plain Brown Paper Bags


-          Custom Branded Take away Sleeves


-          Foil Containers (full Range)


-          Polystyrene Food Trays and Containers


-          All Take Away Plastic Pre-made Meal Containers


-          Greaseproof Bags, sheets and in Roll Form


-          Full Range of Hot and Cold Take away Cups


-          Branded or Plain Promotional Serviettes and Straws


-          Polystyrene Cooler Boxes and Wine Boxes


-          Pulp Products (Egg trays, Fruit Trays and Wine Coolers)




  1. 4.       Gifting Division


-          Wide Range of All Occasion Gift Wrap


-          Custom Branded Gift Wrap


-          Custom Branded Tissue Paper


-          Custom Branded Ribbon (Satin, Petersham or Paper)


-          Custom Branded Gift Bags


-          Custom Branded Gift Boxes


-          Custom Branded Lanyards with Name Pouch


-          Extensive Range of Standard Colour Tissue Paper/Gift Bags and Boxes


-          Gift Wrap Dispensers (Wall mount and Table)




  1. 5.       Storage Division


-          Wide Range of Plastic Storage Boxes


-          Storage Drawer Sets


-          Full Range of Plastic Crates


So although the Product offering is Extensive, we carry the majority of the items listed above as Stock lines on our Warehouse floor.





Time is the only constant we can’t take back, make more of it or buy. This means it is probably the most valuable commodity we have. I believe that if we are manging our time we should also manage our employees time as well, because it cost us money to have them working. In the production industry you need to find products that can save time in producing goods. At Future Packaging we offer a large range of machines and can come up with any solution for your production problem.


But sometimes it is the simplest products that offer the best solutions and if you use a lot of double sided tape in your products we have a solution for you.


Taking the backing / carrier off the double sided RDA tape is a long process and we have seen examples of customers using 30 temp staff to produce a 10 000 unit order in under a week. If there was only a way to make the double sided tape dispense without the backing.


Well the good news is that there is a solution and it is so simple it is just amazing. The above customer referenced in this example went from 30 staff to 5 and could produce the same volumes.


We call it Transfer Tape but it is also known as tissue tape and by using our dispensers we are able to dispense adhesive without the backing needed to be removed.

The product is simply amazing and if you are using a lot of double sided tape this is the solution for you.

Transfer Tape / Tissue Tape | Future Packaging


Please contact our office for more information on 011 794 3310    



Regards Duncan Marais



Fun and Interesting ways to re-use Corrugated Cardboard / Boxes at home!

Sure to be a “hit” with the young ones!

Tired of empty boxes laying around and taking up space, becoming a storage place or a jungle gym for the kids, do not get rid of them just yet, we have the solution for you...






Get the children involved and make it a fun activity to re-use corrugated boxes for so much more, use your imagination!

Should you wish tp purchase corrugated boxes, we have included a few pictures of corrugated boxes that we at Future Packaging offer, give us a call or visit our website for our full extensive range and current SPECIAL OFFERS.





There are many companies out there in South Africa selling end of line packaging machinery.

 So why should you choose Future Packaging & Machinery for your next purchase.


-          We have been selling machines, securing agreements and selecting agencies with the right profiles for the last 20 plus years.

 -          We have the best service back up team.

 -          4 highly trained, experienced and motivated technicians on the road.

 -          2 technicians in our fully equipped workshop.

 -          Lathes and milling machines in our workshop so that we can manufacture items if they are not readily available from our suppliers.

 -          Spare parts. We have analysed our historical failures and keep a large range of spare parts to ensure that the correct parts are readily available in our spares store.

 -          We expect to repair most breakdowns within 24 hours from the call out.

 -          Highly trained specialists in the various end of line packaging fields, in our sales force, to assist you in making the best choice.






Plastic Blog for April 2017


How beneficial is shrink wrapping your products?


Shrink wrapping your products is very beneficial and cost effective way to pack and protect your products. We have the range of shrink films and machinery to suite all your requirements.

 Specific polyolefin films (POF) we sell have some major Key benefits.


Key benefits of POF

 Our film is a performance shrink film, shrinking very fast at a low heat.

 Perforation in film provides even shrinking on all sizes of products.

 Innovative cross linking provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage

 Suitable for food use

 Superior optics, gloss and clarity

 Easy to use

 Outstanding abuse resistance

 Exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance.

 Available in a clear 11micron, 15micron, 19micron and 25micon. In Centrefold / single wound form.


Key benefits of the Shrink wrappers

Polyolefin films are specifically used on a range of specific shrink wrap machinery. We carry a wide range of these shrink wrappers such as our L-sealers in a Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic option.

 With the innovative features on our L-sealers, we can provide a reliable and diverse applications being from Fresh Produce and bakery, through to the printing industries.

 Please approach us for the right method of shrink wrapping solutions to suite your needs.

 Thank you

 Peter Duxbury (National plastics Manager)