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Africa is a labour market and we do not have a shortage of low cost labour.  How do you improve your output in the most efficient way possible?
You look to automation for the solution, even semi automation can have massive effects on a business.Future Packaging and Machinery have a long history of helping customers move their companies to a more streamlined efficient business by just adding machinery that can do simply tasks like taping a box.The added value is you are now thinking about systems and modules in your production and finishing of your product.

Where we had staff taping and closing the boxes they can now be moved to assembling or picking and even packing, improving efficiencies.
The machines always work at the same speed with consistency in every pack. Making your boxes look great.
You never see a Simba box taped to death because it is not needed.

As system and automation suppliers of packaging machinery and materials we see it with all our customers. They never reduce labour they move people into different rolls making them more efficient and faster. Driving growth in the business.
Just by closing your boxes by machine.

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