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Benefits Of Shrink Wrapping Your Products

How beneficial is shrink wrapping your products?

Shrink wrapping your products is very beneficial and cost effective way to pack and protect your products. We have the range of shrink films and machinery to suite all your requirsuits.
Specific polyolefin films (POF) we sell have some major Key benefits.

Key benefits of POF
Our film is a performance shrink film, shrinking very fast at a low heat.
Perforation in film provides even shrinking on all sizes of products.
Innovative cross linking provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage
Suitable for food use
Superior optics, gloss and clarity
Easy to, use
Outstanding abuse resistance
Exceptional tensile strength and tear resistance.
Available in a clear 11micron, 15micron, 19micron and 25micon. In Centrefold

/ single wound form.

Key benefits of the Shrink wrappers
Polyolefin films are specifically used on a range of specific shrink wrap machinery. We carry a wide range of these shrink wrappers such as our L-sealers in a Semi-automatic and Fully-automatic option.

With the innovative features on our L-sealers, we can provide a reliable and diverse applications being from Fresh Produce and bakery, through to the printing industries.
Please approach us for the right method of shrink wrapping solutions to suite your needs.
Thank you
Peter Duxbury (National plastics Manager)

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