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Time Management Solutions

Time is the only constant we can’t take back, make more of it or buy. This means it is probably the most valuable commodity we have. I believe that if we are managing our time we should also manage our employees time as well because it cost us money to have them working. In the production industry, you need to find products that can save time in producing goods. At Future Packaging, we offer a large range of machines and can come up with any solution for your production problem.

But sometimes it is the simplest products that offer the best solutions and if you use a lot of double sided tape in your products we have a solution for you.

Taking the backing/carrier off the double sided RDA tape is a long process and we have seen examples of customers using 30 temp staff to produce a 10 000 unit order in under a week. If there was only a way to make the double sided tape dispense without the backing.

Well, the good news is that there is a solution and it is so simple it is just amazing. The above customer referenced in this example went from 30 staff to 5 and could produce the same volumes.

We call it Transfer Tape but it is also known as tissue tape and by using our dispensers we are able to dispense adhesive without the backing needed to be removed.
The product is simply amazing and if you are using a lot of double sided tape this is the solution for you.

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